Volta Battery Price List 2017

Volta Battery Price List 2017

The batteries brand that is most famous in Pakistan is Volta Battery brand. The batteries manufactured by the famous Volta battery brand all available for sale all over the country. The batteries are sold with a 6-month warranty in all major cities of the Pakistan. Volta batteries also seem to be a top-rated choice of the users because of top quality of the batteries. The main feature is that these batteries have a long life. The battery with top quality can be used for numerous purposes. A Volta battery can be used with a UPS. These batteries also have a major use in solar systems.

Here is a little about the company Volta. The Volta battery manufacturing company is An ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified company. The brand name Volta has been in the business of manufacturing best quality Volta batteries for automobiles, UPS, and inverts since 19 years. The company manufactures a full range of Motorcycle batteries. The promising feature of Volta batteries is that these are maintenance free batteries and this thing has become a pride of manufacturer of Volta batteries.

Volta Battery Price List 2017

Sr. No Battery Type No of Plates Acid Price (Rs.)
1 NS48 9 Free 3100-00
2 NS48L 9 3100-00
3 CR60L 11 3600-00
4 N60 11 4000-00
5 N60L 11 4000-00
6 NS65 12 4500-00
7 NS65L 12 4500-00
8 N70 9 4050-00
9 N80Z 11 4500-00
10 N80ZL 11 4500-00
11 NS90 13 5700-00
12 N90A 11 5000-00
13 N95 13 5800-00
14 V100Z 15 6500-00
15 V100ZL 15 6500-00
16 T120 15 7800-00
17 N130 17 8200-00
18 N135 19 8700-00
19 N140 19 8900-00
20 NS175 21 10500-00
21 NS185 23 11000-00
22 N200 23 12800-00
23 N220 25 13000-00
24 NS240 27 14000-00
25 N260 31 ———
26 CNG50L 11 3400-00
27 CNG60L 11 4000-00
28 IPS800 ———
30 IPS1100 ———
29 IPS1300 ———
30 IPS1600 ———

Main Features

  • High-quality Volta batteries get recover quickly after a discharge as there has been used an electrolyte with particular addictive in the manufacturing design of these batteries.
  • The batteries have an excellent charge acceptance power.
  • The batteries have float indicators. These indicators show the level of acid.
  • 6-GM series of 12 volts Volta batteries has been designed using the AGM technology.
  • The batteries have a compact construction design.
  • These are reliable and can give the users a long time service.
  • Due to high charge acceptance power, the batteries are also highly responsive.
  • The batteries have a smooth design that facilitates maintenance.
  • Volta Battery Price List 2017 is very affordable for most of theirs customers.


Here are some major advantages of using reliable and powerful Volta batteries.

  • If you experience frequent power cuts, the batteries can prove to be the most suitable choice for you.
  • The batteries designed with tabular designated positive plates have a long lifetime.
  • You do not need to worry about maintenance of these batteries as these are low-maintenance batteries.
  • Another advantage of Volta batteries is that these are eco-friendly batteries.

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