Shuaa Digest June 2016

Shuaa Digest June 2016

If you are looking for the Shuaa Digest June 2016, you are at the right spot here. Here I am going to brief about the Shuaa Digest June 2016, that would be highly popular among the people in June 2016. There are various other digests also that are launched every month on the regular basis for the readers, but Shuaa Digest has a prominent entity among all other digests that entertain the readers and develop the moral values in the people. So, that is the reason this Digest is popular among the people, not only in Pakistan but in other countries like India, UK, USA, and Canada. So, let us have a look upon the Shuaa Digest June 2016 features below!

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There are various kinds of long novels, short novels, moral stories, novelettes, afsanay and other kind of moral stuff is added in the Shuaa editions of every month. The renowned and talented authors of the stories, write the stuff that is found in the society around. The incidents are stated in the digest items in this way, as the situation is being held in real and the readers feel as the part of the novels and stories.

So, the addicts of the Shuaa Digest are eager to get the latest edition of it as soon as possible. Here I am going to keep an account of the Shuaa Digest June 2016 and you will also be able to download Shuaa Digest 2016.

Online Shuaa Digest June 2016 is the version launched online for the readers. Through this online version, the maximum of the people gets in touch with the Shuaa Digest. As we know, our Online Shuaa Digest June 2016 readers are waiting for the edition to continue the reading experience with Shuaa.

Here we go to brief about the items that are the part of the June edition of Shuaa Digest 2016!

Novels Of Shuaa Digest June 2016

There are two novels that are going on episode wise to make the readers connected with the digest. Readers wait for the next episode impatiently! Two novels are listed below that are the part of this digest.

-Khawab Sheshay Ka By Effect Sehar Tahir (Episode 03)

-Raqs e Bismil By Nabila Aziz (Episode 30)

Novelettes Of Shuaa Digest June 2016

There are also shorter novels named as novelettes in the edition of Shuaa June 2016.

Siyah Haashiya By Saima Ikram (Episode 15), is one of the best moral novelettes that is going popular among the readers. Khawahishon ka Shehar By Umme Eman Qazi is another one that will make the readers inspired!

Complete Novels Of Shuaa Digest June 2016

Payal Saaz By Aimal Raza (Episode 01), is the novel that is in its initial stage. It will make the readers curious, thrilled and eager to read on further episodes in upcoming months. So, it is a worth reading piece! Two other complete novels are listed below!

-Pighalta Hua Mausam By Nayab Jilani

-Doobte Kinaare By Sumaira Gul

Afsaanay Of Shuaa June 2016

There are many other afsaanay included in the Shuaa June 2016, that contain the best moral lessons, romantic influence, thrill, curiosity, entertainment and lots more for the readers.

-Rutba Buland Mila By Qanta Rabia

-Ashk E Nadamat By Haya Bukhari

-Jugnoo Yaadon Kay By Sofia Amjad

-Mohabbat Ham-Safar Meri By Atia Khalid

-Sabaq By Hajra Rehan

Shuaa Digest June 2016

So, do not miss out the edition of June and download Shuaa Digest 2016 to get a new world discovered, based on the novels! Online Shuaa Digest June 2016 will make you people entertained the best way possible!

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