Phoenix Battery Price List 2017

Phoenix Battery Price List 2017

Quality is the backbone of Phoenix batteries Pakistan. The Century Engineering Services Private Limited came into operation in Karachi, Pakistan in 2005. Since 2005, the Phoenix batteries have been the first choice of the consumers. Phoenix batteries have achieved leadership in the market because of high quality and maximum efficiency. Customer satisfaction has always been the focus of the company and Phoenix batteries have won the customer satisfaction.

Different types of batteries for different purposes are manufactured by 21 Century Engineering Services Private Limited. These batteries are used with UPSs. The batteries are also used in automobiles and in solar systems. The Phoenix batteries are available in every city of the Pakistan. Here is a Phoenix battery price list 2016 collected from multiple online sources. There may be a little difference in the price range only. Have a look at Phoenix Battery Price List 2016 now.

Phoenix Battery Price List 2017

Battery Type Price (Rs.)
UGS 215 16,800.00
XP 220 15,500.00
XP 185 11,500.00
XP 110 7,200.00
XP 145 9,400.00
EXT 130 9,500.00
XP 110 RL 8,000.00
XP 100 5,500.00
XP 80 6,000.00
XP 65 5,700.00
XP 55L 4,700.00
XP 205 15,000.00
XP 45L 3,600.00
UGS 175 11,300.00
XP 205 16,300.00
XP 160 11,700.00
XP 135 10,000.00
XP 125 8,600.00
EXT 125 8,800.00
XP 105 7,300.00
XP 88 6,500.00
XP 80 6,000.00
XP 70 5,000.00
CNG 60 5,200.00
CNG 50 4,000.00
XP 50L 4,500.00
XP 165 10,900.00

Main Features

Here are some main features of Phoenix batteries.

  • These batteries are reliable and have a long service design.
  • The batteries have a reliable construction and have 100% safety.
  • Because of flexible construction, the batteries can be used for multiple installations.
  • The batteries are also highly responsible.
  • The batteries meet the JIS standards.
  • The batteries have extra power as high-performance plates have been used in the manufacturing.
  • The batteries can handle the workload during all the seasons of the year.

Long Battery Life Tips

Here are some useful tips to prolong the lifetime of a battery. Follow these useful tips and make your battery handle workload for a longer period of time.

  • If you are going to use a Phoenix battery with a UPS, the tip is to get a UPS of a top brand. Do not use low rated equipment like a UPS with your battery to save its life.
  • To refill a battery, you need to use an acid. Here the useful tip is to use acid for refilling with 1250 gravity always. It is good for long battery life.
  • Where do you keep your battery? The place where you keep your battery also affects its lifetime. Therefore; the tip is to choose a ventilated place always to keep your battery saved.
  • You also need to charge a battery carefully. Here the tip is to make sure that the current does not exceed 10 A if you want a long battery life.
  • Which acid do you use to refill a battery? For long life of a battery, the tip is to use white acid whenever you intend to refill a battery.

Other Brands Prices

Many other brands exist in the market that compete with exide. You can also check the prices of the other brands for best solution. This will surely saves your money.

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