Osaka Batteries Price List

Osaka batteries is one of the largest brand in Pakistan that produce batteries for different sizes. They are ISO certified in Pakistan. The got ISO 9001 and 14001 certification. That is an achievement for a company in county like Pakistan.

Osaka batteries pvt limited serving the Pakistanis for 19 years. They have produce different type of batteries like maintenance free batteries and dry battery. All the batteries come along with 6 month warranty. They start producing tubular batteries. Due to excessive load shedding in Pakistan agriculture of pakistan suffers a lot. So they take an initiative and start manufacturing tubular batteries. This will help a lot in farming.

Osaka batteries have solutions for different areas of life. Like automobile solution home solution many other types. They produce different batteries on different ranges. For example for motorcycle they have batteries ranging 04 Amp to 10 Amp. And for other automobiles they have range 30 amp to 240 amp.

Osaka Battries Ad
Osaka Battries Ad

For home solution they have complete range of solutions between 65 to 200 amp.

Osaka battery prices comes in different ranges. You can choose your own range. This is the most reliable for a person who want to use it for long term. They have made the first maintenance free battery. You can use these battery with solar systems and also with UPS system.

Osaka Batteries Price List 2016

Osaka Battries Price List
Osaka Battries Price List

Important Note:-

  • Different batteries needs different maintenance.
  • 6 month Free replacement warranty
  • Maintenance is most important.
  • Warranty will be void if you remove the battery cover.
  • To prolong your battery life you have to follow the instructions that comes with battery during purchasing time.
  • Dry Batteries need no maintenance.

Contact Detail:-

You feel free to contact with the company anytime if you need any assistance. They will provide you best services about what you need.

Osaka Batteries Contact Detail
Osaka Batteries Contact Detail

They have won the best seller award of 2014. This is the great achievement for them. They have done this first time in 19 years. And that is a long period of time that they have to wait. They also produce some high quality ads that add their reputation in country. In their ads they cast well known personalty of Pakistan Sohail Ahmed also known as azizi.

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