Khawateen Digest September 2016

Are you eager to read the Khawateen Digest September 2016? Are you fond of reading digests or looking for the new edition of Khawateen Digest September 2016? You are at the right spot here. As here, I am going to provide you the top info about the Khawateen Digest September 2016 in which many thrilling stories are present. You will definitely get inspired by these new stories included in the latest edition of Khawateen Digest September 2016.

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Now, you can easily download Khawateen Digest September 2016 Online. Your wait is over and the latest edition of Khawateen Digest Sep 2016 is out.

Mostly women are keen to read Khawateen Digest as it is the most popular among the people especially women take interest to read this digest.

Khawateen Digest In Past

A long time ago, the people used to read digests from books which were available at bookstores. They spent their pennies to purchase Khawateen Digest in printed form. With the passage of time, It became easier to read Khawateen Digest Online. As you know, media has become advanced. New and latest inventions are being recognized. So, Online Khawateen Digest September 2016 is ready to download as PDF files for readers.

Online Khawateen Digest September 2016

Online Khawateen Digest September 2016 contains novels, novelettes, afsanay and episode wise novels. The readers will get much more fun to read these new love stories, moral stories, health and beauty tips.

It has new more impressive moral stories which can build the moral values in the human beings. One can make one’s life with full of experiences to read such kind of moral stories which are the part of Online Khawateen Digest September 2016.

Popularity Of Khawateen Digest

Khawateen digest is popular around the world, not only in Pakistan but also in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and London. Khawateen Digest is popular among all women whether they are young girls or housewives. The working women also read the stories of Khawateen Digest sometimes. Many famous writers of Urdu novels start writing with the help of Khawateen Digest.

Summary Of Khawateen Digest September 2016

In the following, I am going to show you short summary of new edition of Khawateen Digest September 2016;


There are many interesting novels in the new edition of Khawateen Digest. Many moral stories of these novels can build the good characters.

  • Aab E Hayat By Umaira Ahmad Episode 22
  • Dasht E Janoon By Amna Riaz Episode 08

*Dasht e janoon was not included in the last edition of august. Hopefully, you will be get inspired to see your desired novel.


There are many fascinating stories in novelettes of Khawateen Digest which can build the moral values and respect for us.


There are long stories either love stories or moral ones. These stories accelerate the passion for respecting the human being. Authors of Khawateen Digest are highly qualified and have the knowledge to seek the pleasure of the readers.

Download Khawateen Digest September 2016

There are some complete novels present in Khawateen Digest September 2016.

  • Namal By Nimra Ahmad Episode 26

Nimra Ahmad is one of the famous writers. She has enhanced the view of sympathy and love in her stories, especially in mukammal novels.

Online Khawateen Digest is available now on PDF files. You can Download Khawateen Digest through internet resources. Hopefully, you will be able to read interesting stories with full of enthusiasm.

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