IPhone 7 Release Date Pakistan

IPhone 7 Release Date Pakistan

Are you excited about the launch of new Apple iPhone? The news is really exciting for the users of Apple iPhone, especially. Want to know about Apple iPhone 7 release date Pakistan? Apple iPhone 7 is again going to be another high-tech innovation of Apple. Every one of you must have heard the rumors about iPhone 7 release date Pakistan, iPhone 7 Price in Pakistan and iPhone 7 specifications. What are you expecting from this next-generation iPhone?

IPhone 7 Release Date Pakistan
IPhone 7 Release Date Pakistan

Prior to the rumors about iPhone 7, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus enjoyed sales in millions. It seems that Apple is really giving a hard time to its competitors. Here is a detail of iPhone 7 release date Pakistan, iPhone 7 Price in Pakistan and iPhone 7 specifications.

IPhone 7 Release Date Pakistan

Apple iPhone 7 release date Pakistan is not known yet. However; September is near and it is the time to hold your breath as Apple always launches its new models in the month of September.

IPhone 7 Body

As compared to Apple iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 will have a thinner body. According to rumors, iPhone 7 will be designed without 3.5 mm headphone jack. If headphone jack is removed, then iPhone 7 will be available for sale with lightning ear pods so that you may enjoy clear sound.

IPhone 7 Battery

IPhone battery timing may be the same as the battery timing of iPhone 6S is. However; the new model may come with an improved battery timing feature. We all are expecting improved battery timing.

Iphone 7 RAM and Processor

The rumor is that iPhone 7 will have 2GB RAM. The unconfirmed news is that the phone will have 32GB basic storage now. People are also talking about the up gradation to 256 GB storage in this new model. IPhone 7 will have a better and a faster processor. A10 chip will surely be faster and improved than A9 chip.

Color options

IPhone 6S was launched in a new rose gold color. We are now expecting iPhone 7 to come in 4 colors. The new color options will make iPhone 7 look really attractive in your hands.

IPhone 7 Camera Rumors

Good quality of the camera is a distinction of Apple iPhone. In iPhone 7 specifications, there will be a dual lens iSight camera according to rumors to enjoy images with much better clarity and brightness. If this feature is built in, there will remain a little difference between iPhone 7 cameras and HD-SLR camera.

IPhone 7 Display Technology

The phone may come with AMOLED display as Apple is working on this display technology and it is not going to use Retrica displays in its new models. Other than this, iPhone 7 will have all those features that iPhone 6S has like 3D touch and touch ID. Rumors are saying that it may have an integrated touch ID with no home button.

IPhone 7 Price in Pakistan

If you plan to buy iPhone 7 you need to start saving money now as expected iPhone 7 Price in Pakistan is $1000. An expected iPhone 7 release date Pakistan is mid-September.

The phone with a progressive design will surely have a number of new features and specifications. You will also love innovative iPhone 7 specifications. After IPhone 7 Release Date Pakistan, iPhone 7 is going to shake every one of you for sure.

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