IPhone 7 Plus Release Date Pakistan

IPhone 7 Plus Release Date Pakistan

Love high-tech innovative Apple iPhone? If yes, you will probably be waiting for IPhone 7 Plus Release Date. Apple is going to launch this new model soon. If you want to know about IPhone 7 Plus Release Date Pakistan, IPhone 7 Plus Price in Pakistan and IPhone 7 Plus specifications, here is an informative post for you. In this post, you will know about everything about iPhone 7 plus you are looking for.

IPhone 7 Plus Release Date Pakistan

IPhone 7 Plus Release Date Pakistan has not been announced yet. It is confirmed that this enhanced version of iPhone 7 will have many more features as compared to iPhone 7. The model with plus features will be launched soon.

IPhone 7 Plus Release Date Pakistan
IPhone 7 Plus Release Date Pakistan

IPhone 7 Plus Specifications

D you want to know that what is new in iPhone 7 plus?  The phone with amazing and plus features has been designed with the most powerful chipset the chip A10 that makes this iPhone 7 plus really faster. It seems to be the fastest Smartphone by apple launched because of its dual core processor design. Here is a complete detail of iPhone 7 plus specifications.

Body Design

The phone will have a substantial body design similar to the body design of iPhone 6 plus.  According to rumors, the new model iPhone 7 plus will have a thinner body design. The phone will have space black finish as Apple is working now on it. Also, iPhone 7 plus may have a waterproof body design.

IPhone 7 Plus Battery Life

Rumors are saying and we are also expecting improved battery life in iPhone 7 plus. Rumors are saying that the new model will have a bigger battery.

Higher Screen Resolution

Another rumor about iPhone 7 plus specifications is that it would have a higher screen resolution. The expected pixel density is (401 ppi) in iPhone 7 plus model.  The model will have a tougher sapphire glass display.

32GB IPhone Storage

Another feature of iPhone 7 plus model the people are expecting is a jump from 16GB to 32 GB storage. Rumors are there that new model may have even 256 GB storage. People are expecting more improvement in iPhone storage capacity now.

IPhone 7 Plus Camera

It is expected that iPhone 7 plus will have an improved camera design. IPhone 7 plus camera quality will approach DSLR quality according to rumors. The model will support 4K video and 240fps slow-motion footage. Also, there will be 12MP snapper on the back and a 5MP one on the front.

More Power

IPhone 7 plus will have a more powerful design as it is built with a new dual-core processor design i.e. A10 chip. A10 chip is faster and smaller as compared to A8 and A9 chip that makes iPhone 7 plus more powerful. There is also a rumor that the model will have a 2GB RAM and it can be made to run on iOS 9.

IPhone 7 Plus Price in Pakistan

The expected IPhone 7 Plus Price in Pakistan is over $1000. Start saving money to buy this more powerful model.

IPhone 7 Plus will have much more amazing features other than the features that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S have. Keep checking IPhone 7 Plus Release Date Pakistan that is Autumn 2016 and you will like new and powerful iPhone 7 plus model.

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