Exide Batteries Price List 2017

Exide Batteries Price List 2017

Exide Pakistan Limited is the largest manufacturer of lead storage batteries. They produce batteries for both commercial and non commercial use.

As in Pakistan Electricity is the main crisis throughout. And in summer its very tough for people to spend life without power. Therefore people always want to buy batteries to store the power. Batteries prices goes high every year due to its demand.

Exide batteries also is well know brand in Pakistan that produced the high quality batteries. They use the design of UK based company. Also they use some of material of UK. That’s make the exide batteries price list comparatively than other brands. But they are more reliable in Pakistan.

Exide Batteries Price List 2017

Below is the latest exide batteries price list for the year 2017. You can check your need and can buy the best suite battery.

Exide Batteries Price List 2016
Exide Batteries Price List 2017

Exide Pakistan Limited was started in 1934. It is one of the oldest manufacturer industry in Pakistan. It was started with the corporation of PLC UK Limited. PLC UK Limited is a well know industry in UK that gives the storage solution to different companies.

In 1984 Exide Pakistan Limited got listed with Karachi Stock Exchange. And from that period to now company has won almost 8 time top 25 companies award. Company has also won the best management award.

Exide also produced the batteries for Pakistan Railway for ignition system. That is the most powerful battries that exide limited has ever produced.

Other Brands Prices

Many other brands exist in the market that compete with exide. You can also check the prices of the other brands for best solution. This will surely saves your money.

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