EcoStar Battery Price List 2017

EcoStar Battery Price List 2017

EcoStar Company has also a top-rated name in the Pakistan when we talk about UPSs, inverters, and especially batteries. DWP group is now recognized as the leading provider of various services, solutions and products. The group has earned a distinguished name in the field of Electronics and Technology and now DWP group does not need any introduction.

The company offers high quality products prepared with cutting-edge technology by a team of expert engineers. The brand name EcoStar has emerged from the recognized DWP group. The brand EcoStar has won excellence in the field of technology and quality. The brand has always tried its best to keep its customers satisfied and motivated.

EcoStar Battery Price List 2016
EcoStar Battery Price List 2017

EcoStar batteries are also powerful and excellent batteries in terms of reliability, services, cost and responsiveness. The best quality EcoStar batteries speak of the worth and excellence of the brand EcoStar. These batteries are extremely safe, but the prices are high. The higher prices of the batteries match the matchless excellence of EcoStar batteries. Here I have collected EcoStar Battery Price List 2017 if you intend to buy a battery manufactured by this trusted and leading brand.

EcoStar Battery Price List 2017

Sr. No Battery Type Capacity (Amperes) Series Price (Rs.)
1 EB1 A200DG 200 A 35,000
2 EB1 A150DG 150 A 27,000
3 EB1 A100DG 100 A 17,900
4 EB1 A065D 65 A 12,500
5 EB1 A040L 40 A 9,5000
6 EB1 A020L 20 A 5,000
7 EB1 A009L 09 A 2,650
8 EB1 A007L 07 A 2,400
9 EB1 A405L 4.5 A 1,500

Main Features

Here are some main and promising features of Eco Star batteries that have always met the expectations and the needs of the users. The main features of Eco Star batteries include

  • Eco Star high-quality batteries are rechargeable.
  • The batteries are also non-spillable.
  • The next promising feature is that these batteries are maintenance free batteries.
  • Another feature is that these batteries are valve regulated.

The main features of these batteries are really excellent. The batteries can be used for numerous purposes. We can use the batteries at homes as these are safe. Also, the batteries can be used for many commercial uses and you will always get the best results.

Tips for Battery Long Life

Here are some useful tips to keep your battery safe and maintained. The tips will help in prolonging the lifetime of batteries.

  • The batteries must be kept in cool, dry and ventilated space. Avoid extreme ambient temperatures.
  • Keep the batteries away from the fire to avoid any undesirable situations.
  • Do not charge the battery at a higher current more than recommended by the battery manufacturer to prolong the lifetime of a battery. The tip will also maximize the performance of your battery.
  • Before you put a battery into use, make sure to charge the battery initially. The tip is useful if you want to make your battery work for a longer period of time.
  • Keep the batteries always dry and clean and for refilling the batteries, you must always use the product or the solution recommended by the manufacturer to save its life.

Other Brands Prices

Many other brands exist in the market that compete with exide. You can also check the prices of the other brands for best solution. This will surely saves your money.

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