BZU Admission 2016

Here is a complete BZU admission 2016 detail. On this page, you will know about the plenty of programs the university offers and the procedures and other information to get admission in BZU. The admissions are opened by BZU twice a year in August and then in January too.

BZU Admission 2016 Form

For BZU admission 2016, BZU admission form 2016 can be downloaded from the official website of the university.

BZU Admission 2016 Last Date

BZU admission process is going to be commenced its admission process in September 2016. BZU admission last date 2016 is September 2016. New semester classes will be commenced in October 2016.

BZU Admission 2016 Procedure

Students are admitted on the basis of merit after conducting admission test. A student can apply online through the website of BZU. Details about admission tests are also displayed on the university website.

BZU Admission 2016 Test

For admission to graduate and post-graduate programs, GAT-general is required. The last date to apply for GAT-General is 17th June 2016. For some study programs, the test is conducted by the university. For engineering, UET-Lahore entry test is required. The last date for UET-Lahore entry test registration is 30th June 2016.

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BZU provides number of facilities to its students along with quality of education like

  • Transport Service
  • Hostel Facility
  • Internet
  • Library
  • Medical Facilities

About BZU

The university was established in 1975. Since 1975, the university has been successful in maintaining its standard of education. BZU is located in Multan City. It is a government university and meets the study needs of thousands of students every year.

BZU Campuses

BZU has a number of campuses. Different study programs are being offered at these campuses. Here is a list of BZU campuses.

  • Sub-Campus BZU D.G. Khan
  • Sub-Campus BZU Sahiwal
  • Sub-Campus BZU Layyah
  • Sub-Campus Vehari

Programs Offered at BZU

BZU offers admissions in plenty of programs. Here is a list of study programs the university offers.

School of Economics

  • M.Sc Economics
  • MPhil Economics
  • BS Economics
  • M.Sc Economics
  • Master of Business Economics
  • Ph.D. Economics
  • MPhil Business Economics
  • BA/B.SC (Annual System)

Institute of Pure and Applied Biology

  • M.Sc Botany
  • MPhil Botany
  • M.Sc Zoology
  • MPhil Zoology
  • BS Zoology
  • Ph.D. Zoology
  • BS Botany
  • Ph.D. Botany

Department of Education

  • MA Education
  • BS Education
  • M.Ed
  • MPhil Education
  • Ph.D. Education

Institute of Social Sciences

  • MPhil Social Sciences (Various Disciplines)
  • Ph.D. Social Sciences (Various Disciplines)

Department of History

  • MA History
  • MPhil History
  • Ph.D. History

Department of Gender Studies

  • MPhil Gender Studies
  • MA Gender Studies
  • BS Gender Studies

Department of Pak Studies

  • MA Pak Studies
  • MPhil Pak Studies
  • Ph.D. Pak Studies

Department of Geography

  • M.Sc Geography

Department of Political Science

  • MA International Relations
  • MPhil International Relations
  • Ph.D. International Relations
  • MA Political Science

Department of Communication Studies

  • BS Communication Studies
  • MA Communication Studies
  • MPhil Communication Studies
  • Ph.D. Communication Studies

Department of Sociology

  • BS Sociology
  • M.Sc Sociology
  • MPhil Sociology
  • MA Sociology

Department of Applied Psychology

  • BS Applied Psychology
  • M.Sc Applied Psychology
  • MPhil Applied Psychology
  • Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology

Department of Philosophy

  • BS Philosophy
  • MA Philosophy
  • MPhil Philosophy

Department of Sport Sciences

  • MA Sport Sciences

College of Arts Multan BZU

  • Bachelors of Fine Arts
  • MA Fine Arts
  • Bachelors of Design

Institute of Chemical Sciences

  • M.Sc Chemistry
  • MPhil/MS Chemistry
  • BS Chemistry
  • Ph.D. Chemistry

Institute of Computing

  • BS (CS)
  • BS (IT)
  • BS (TS)
  • MCS
  • MIT
  • MSCS
  • M.Sc Telecom

Department of Physics and Statistics

  • Ph.D. Physics and Statistics
  • MPhil/MS Physics and Statistics
  • MPhil Physics and Statistics
  • BS Physics and Statistics

Institute of Molecular Biology and Bio-technology

  • M.Sc
  • MPhil
  • Ph.D.
  • BS

Department of Environmental Sciences

  • BS (4 Years)

Department of Biochemistry

  • BS Biochemistry
  • M.SC Biochemistry
  • MPhil/MS Biochemistry
  • Ph.D. Biochemistry

Pure and Applied Mathematics

  • BS Mathematics
  • M.Sc Mathematics
  • PGD
  • MPhil/MS Mathematics
  • Ph.D. Mathematics

Department of English

  • BS
  • MA English (Language and Literature)
  • MA English
  • MPhil & Ph.D. Linguistics
  • MPhil and Ph.D. Literature
  • Diploma in ELT

Department of Arabic

  • Diploma in Language
  • MA Arabic
  • MPhil Arabic
  • Ph.D. Arabic

Department of Islamic Studies

  • BS Islamic Studies
  • MA Islamic Studies
  • MPhil Islamic Studies
  • Ph.D. Islamic Studies

Department of Urdu

  • MA Urdu
  • MPhil Urdu
  • Ph.D. Urdu

Department of Saraiki

  • MA Saraiki

Institute of Management Sciences

  • BBA
  • MBA Postgraduate
  • MBA Banking and Finance
  • MS in Business Administration

Institute of Banking and Finance

  • BBA (Hons)
  • MBA Banking and Finance (3.5 Years)
  • MBA Marketing of Financial services (3.5 Years)
  • MBA Human Resource Management
  • M.Sc Insurance and Risk Management
  • MS Business Administration
  • Ph.D. Business Administration

Department of Commerce

  • M.Sc Accounting and Finance
  • Master of Commerce
  • MPhil in Commerce
  • BS Commerce
  • BS Accounting and Finance
  • B.Com
  • M.Com

University Gillani Law College

  • BA/LL.B (Hons)
  • LLB (3 Years)
  • LL.M

University College of Engineering and Technology

  • B.Sc Building and Architectural
  • B.Sc Civil Engineering
  • B.Sc Electrical Engineering
  • B.Sc Mechanical Engineering
  • B.Sc Computer Engineering

Department of Agriculture Sciences

  • M.Sc Hons Agricultural Sciences
  • B.Sc Agricultural Engineering
  • B.Sc Hons Agriculture
  • M.Sc Hons Agriculture
  • B.Sc Hons Agricultural Entomology
  • M.Sc Hons Agricultural Entomology
  • Ph.D. Agricultural Entomology
  • M.Sc Hons Plant Breeding and Genetics
  • Ph.D. Plant Breeding and Genetics
  • M.Sc and Ph.D. Plant Pathology
  • M.SC & B.Sc (Hons) Forestry Range and Wildlife Management
  • Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering
  • Ph.D. Food Sciences and Technology
  • M.Sc (Hons) Food Sciences and Technology
  • B.Sc (Hons) Food Sciences and Technology
  • Ph.D. Horticulture
  • M.Sc & B.Sc (Hons) Horticulture
  • M.Sc & B.Sc (Hons) Social Science
  • Ph.D. Soil Science
  • M.Sc & B.Sc (Hons) Agronomy
  • Ph.D. Agronomy

BZU Contact Details

You can contact BZU administration staff for any help via the website or you can also get telephonic help 0092-061-9210071-74 or visit the university. Its address is Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan.

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