AGS Battery Price List 2017

AGS Battery Price List 2017

The batteries that are known to have the best performance in Pakistan particularly are AGS batteries. AGS batteries have more power and a longer lifecycle. The batteries are sold with 6-month warranty. The batteries are mainly used with a UPS. Also, there is another use of these batteries with the long lifetime in solar systems. Here is the latest AGS battery price list 2017. These powerful AGS batteries ensure 100% accuracy.

AGS Battery Price List 2016
AGS Battery Price List 2017

Hi-tech equipment and the best materials are used in making these batteries to ensure 100% results. Here is a detail of AGS battery retail price and consumer price list 2017 including batteries of different powers like medium, heavy and light AGS batteries.

AGS Battery Price List 2017 Heavy List

Battery Type Retail Price (Rs.) Consumer Price (Rs.)
245H52 16,100 18,837.00
GX200 F 12, 200 14,274.00
195G51F 11,900 13,923.00
4DLT160 10,700 12,519.00
GX175 9,130 0,682.10
210H52 15,700 8,369.00
GX200 R 12,100 14,157.00
GL190 10,620 12,425.40
4DLT145 9,350 10,939.50
GX165 8,600 10,062.00

AGS Medium Batteries

Battery Type Retail Price (Rs.) Consumer Price (Rs.)
GX135 7,450 8,716.50
N125 6,870 8,037.90
GL100 5,530 6,470.10
GR95 4,890 5,721.30
GX 132 7,210 8,435.70
GR100 5,550 6,493.50
GR87 4,260 4,984.20

AGS Light Batteries

Battery Type Retail Price (Rs.) Consumer Price (Rs.)
GL 85 4,610 5,393.70
GR 70 3,510 4,06.70
GR 65 3,810 4,457.70
GL 50 3,220 3,767.40
GL 43 2,540 2,971.80
CGR 30 2,090 2,445.30
GL 85 4,620 5,393.40
GL 65 3,820 4,469.40
CNG 60 3,650 4,270.50
GL 48 2,910 3,404.70
GR 46 2,540 2,971.80

Important Instructions to Follow

For getting maximum performance from a battery, here are some important instructions to be followed.

  • Before using a battery, make sure that the battery is initially charged.
  • After you have put electrolyte in the battery, avoid immediate charging of the battery after this action.
  • Make sure that the battery you purchase is newly manufactured. Manufacturing date is printed on the batteries always.
  • If the prepared electrolyte is available for the batteries, prefer to get this.
  • Do not forget to make sure that the battery is air tight before you put electrolyte in it.

These instructions will prolong the lifetime of your battery and you will get maximum performance from the battery.

Maintenance of a Battery

Here are some others instruction helpful in good maintenance of a battery. Here are some tips for good maintenance of a battery that will prolong the lifetime of a battery.  The tips are low cost and will make your battery give maximum results.

  • To ensure maximum performance of a battery, you need to follow a proper care routine to make sure that the plates are never exposed.
  • To top up your battery, you must use only approved water.
  • In case if an electrolyte is lost, avoid adding acid to a battery.
  • To get maximum workload from a battery, keep battery clean and dry always.
  • Make sure that there is no deposit or debris on battery vent plugs.
  • Do not charge a battery at a level higher than recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Avoid putting your battery for a longer time in a discharge condition.
  • Keep a charged battery stored in a cool and a dry place if it is not in use.

Other Brands Prices

Many other brands exist in the market that compete with exide. You can also check the prices of the other brands for best solution. This will surely saves your money.

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