Kiran Digest July 2020

Kiran digest July 2020 has been published. You can order your copy through Kiran’s postal address. The online edition is available now. KIRAN digest is published in the Urdu language. Many people like this digest. It is a proper monthly Pakistani digest which is very famous among women of Pakistan. Women and girls read this digest very keenly.

Kiran Digest July 2020

KIRAN digest for the month of July 2020 has many interesting stories, healthy tips, and showbiz news, moreover beauty tips, funny tips, and Islamic information. It has GHAZALS, exercise notes, cooking corner, and much more for women and young girls. This digest has a different topic at poetry.

KIRAN digest of July 2020 has various stories like love stories and relationship stories, which are in continuous parts. Some stories are in continued episodes and some stories start with new episodes. KIRAN digest normally starts with HAMD-o-NAAT.

Kiran Digest Online July 2020

Each month this digest brings many new topics and new episodes. Many famous and respectable writers of Pakistan participated in this good digest. These writers write stories base on real love and self-stories. Each topic and the episode of the digest has a very interesting story and lesson to the readers.

KIRAN Digest July 2020 download PDF or read online. You can read online or download this KIRAN Digest July 2020 in PDF Format using the below links.

July 2020 edition of KIRAN digest contains the following articles/titles:

  1. HAMD was written by Ameer Abdul Aziz                                                                 9
  2. NAAT was written by Mubarak Mongri                                                                 9


  1. Ik Zara Fursat Mily written by Shaheen Rasheed                                 10
  2. Meri Bi Suniye was written by Aima Noor-ul-Ain Baig                                 18
  3. Muqabil He Aina written by Iram Iqbal                                                                 22          


  1. Mery Ham Nafs Mery Ham Nawa written by Asiya Mirza                                 24
  2. Hawain Rukh Badal Gai written by Nighat Abdullah                                 164

Complete Novels

  1. Kanar-e-Khawab Jo Written by Farah Bukhari                                 128
  2. Shanasai was written by Sidra-Tu-Muntiha                                                                 52
  3. Ay Maseeha Dil K written by Farah Bhutto                                 186


  1. Asi Kaly Nai Kharab was written by Manam Malik                                                 100


  1. Saf-e-Dostan was written by Quratul Ain Sakandar                                 123
  2. APPU was written by Hamira Aroosh                                 227
  3. Mawazna was written by Farah Anees                                 92
  4. Band Kitab was written by Mah Noor Bint Naeem                                 47
  5. Nidamat was written by Sumaira Ghazal Saddiqui                                 182


  1. Beauty Box was written by Publisher                                 4
  2. Sehat was written by Publisher                                                                                 9
  3. Iss Mah Ka Phal written by Publisher                                 5
  4. Masharti or Nafsayati Masail written by Publisher                                 7
  5. Kitchen or Aap was written by Aiman Khan                                 12
  6. KIRAN Ka Daster-Khawan written by Khalida Jilani                                 13
  7. Mujy Ye Sheer Pasand He written by Shagufta Suliman                                 17
  8. Moti Chuny He has written by Publisher                                                 18

Mustaqil Silsaly

  1. KIRAN KIRAN Khushbu written by Shuaa Umair                                 232
  2. Yadoo K Darechy Sy written by Bushra Mehmood                                 235
  3. Nammy Mery Naam written by Publisher                                                 237


KIRAN digest is one of the good condensations of Pakistan. This digest reads Pakistan, U.S.A, U.K, and India moreover many Countries of the world wherever Urdu speakers live.

These millions of Urdu speaking people living in the different parts of the world, read the KIRAN digest monthly. Because this digest issued month basis with the latest news stories, episodic stories, famous person interviews, and daily useful life hacks.

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