NUML Fee Structure 2017

NUML Fee Structure

National University of Modern Languages (NUML) is situated in Islamabad, Pakistan. This is a high-quality institute in Pakistan. The university has an outstanding and a challenging atmosphere for its students to step up. The institute was established in 1970. It is offering a comprehensive education in different oriental languages and other emerging disciplines of the … Read more

NUST Fee Structure 2017

NUST Fee Structure

National University of Science and Technology is a leading academic institute in Pakistan. NUST Fee Structure is comparatively more affordable than other universities.  The institute is providing standard education in the field of engineering. The university is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. The university provides quality education in a challenging and a competitive environment to its … Read more

IST Fee Structure 2017

IST Fee Structure 2016

Institute of Space and Technology is a renowned institute in Pakistan. IST Fee Structure will is given below. It is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. The institute offers admissions in different BS/MS and Ph.D. programs. It was established in September 2002. The core disciplines the institutes offers are Aerospace and Communication Systems Engineering. Within a few … Read more

UET Lahore Fee Structure 2017

UET Lahore Fee Structure 2016

UET Lahore Fee Structure 2017 UET Lahore is recognized as the oldest engineering university in Pakistan. The best engineering university is located in Lahore near G.T Road, Lahore. The university offers admissions in a wide range of undergraduate and graduate engineering programs. The oldest engineering university was established in 1921. It has a dedicated faculty … Read more

Punjab Medical College Fee Structure 2017

Punjab Medical College Fee Structure 2016

Punjab Medical College Fee Structure 2017 Punjab Medical College is located in Faisalabad. The city Faisalabad in Pakistan is recognized for its textile industry. Punjab Medical College is a government medical college that offers admissions in different medical programs through University of Health Sciences. This government medical college was established in 1973-1974.  Admissions in medical … Read more

IUB Fee Structure 2017

IUB Fee Structure 2016

IUB Fee Structure 2017 Islamia University Bahawalpur is famous in Pakistan for higher learning. Many scholars of the world had received education from the Islamia University of Bahawalpur. The university started functioning after the declaration of Jamia Abbasia as a chartered university. IUB is providing education in more than 127 different academic programs. The large … Read more

BZU Fee Structure 2017

BZU Fee Structure 2016

BZU Fee Structure 2017 The university located in Multan with the Motto of Knowledge is power was established in 1975. The university has more than 30 different departments for meeting the education needs of the students. It provides transport as well as the hostel and other facilities like financial aid and scholarships to its students. … Read more

IIUI Fee Structure 2017

IIUI Fee Structure 2016

IIUI Fee Structure 2017 International Islamic University Islamabad is a reputable public university of Pakistan. Because of its education standards, the university has earned a top ranking reputation now. The premium University of higher learning is providing education to thousands of students while maintaining the quality of education as its priority.  The university has a … Read more

PU Fee Structure 2017

PU Fee Structure 2016

PU Fee Structure 2017 Punjab University, the public research University of Pakistan is located in Lahore. The university is well recognized as it is the oldest university in Pakistan. It was established in 1882. For higher learning, the university has its own name among other universities of Pakistan. The university is providing education to its students … Read more

UOG Fee Structure 2016

UOG Fee Structure 2016

UOG Fee Structure 2016 The University of Gujrat is a recognized public sector university in Pakistan. The university was founded in 2004. The university is meeting the education needs of the people of central Punjab, Pakistan. It is located in Gujrat, Punjab Pakistan. The faculty and students of UOG are playing a major contribution in … Read more